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Innavatar - A medley of modern day McKinsey & Innovative IDEO !

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"Go-To-Company" for your Go-To-Market needs

Startups & SMBs gravitate towards Innavatar for Innovative Business Development !


Connecting Investors & forging partnerships

Innavatar - A Bridge in connecting Investees with Investors


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About Us

About us

  • Innavatar is an innovative Canadian Business Development Company with global footprints in USA,India and Dubai.
    The word "Innavatar" is the portmanteau of "Innovations" and "Avatar"(meaning epitome ,incarnation).
    Innavatar's vision is to lead the global business development landscape with innovative approaches.

  • + Innavatar is a "Powerhouse" of business development avant-garde team with business & technologies acumen.

  • + We are chosen as the "Go-to-company” for Go-To-Market strategies among SMB, Startup companies .

  • + We're a "Green House | Light House" for the tomorrow's Leaders/Innovators who moonlight or work in stealth mode or prefer to be under the radar to experiment , test the waters , practice for the Innovations battle field , prep themselves to capture, captivate , innovate and contribute in the planet.

  • + We intentionally function as ephemeral, but essential bridge in the Investor-Investee relationship.

  • + We nurture seed to Series-A innovative startup ventures.

  • + To up your top-line growth is our bottomline.

  • + Elevate your venture with our well-crafted irresistible Strategy Playbook .

  • + Count us in as catalyst for your organization in forging ahead with global partners.

  • + Our synergies with leaders in Market Intelligence and game-changers will enrich you with actionable business insights.

Company History

Launched in Canada

Q4 2015

Awarded Bigdata/BI Engagements by major Banks , Insurance & HealthCare

Q2 2016


Impetus to diversify into AI, Blockchain , RPA

Q3 2017

Going global - a home run with exponential growth in engaging with an array of companies

Q2 2018

An Intersection of Innovations & Business Development

Indo-Canadian Business Development Synergies - Canadian Global Affairs

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Our Service Capabilities

Go-To-Market Strategies

Go-To-Market Strategies

Investments Injection

Investments Injection

Innovations Incubation

Innovations Incubation

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